In Defence of Maajid Nawaz

This is a guest post by Susanna Craig JP

Interim Senior Leadership

Birmingham IEB

I struggled to give this a title as I don’t think he needs ‘defending’. He is for the record a man I admire enormously. Why – because he changed his mind. The word repentance isn’t used anything like as often as it should be mainly because people hardly ever do but he has and this latest attempt to smear and defame him simply proves how much it has upset some and how low they will stoop in an attempt to prevent others from seeing the light.

There is so much in the outrageous piece written today by Nafeez Ahmed  ( a self-styled Investigative Journalist who more tellingly also writes Science Fiction) that I fundamentally disagree with that I think it more important to state why I agree with Maajid rather than disagree with a hatchet job.

He evidences on a daily basis that he not only believes in but stands up for Universal Human Rights. He has founded an organisation that devotes it’s time to the promotion of these fundamental principles that I and all right minded people hold dear. Quilliam Foundation employs people of integrity, bravery and intellect.

I am not though I have been called such (and no doubt will be again after this piece) ‘a Madge Groupie’. I am in fact a Headteacher and Magistrate committed to doing my bit to ensure children have every opportunity to be all they can be.

I care less about what Maajid has done and much more about what he is doing. He is leading by example. He has not gone quietly into the night. He isn’t having an easy life. The cost to him on a personal level is enormous and yet he continues. Why? ‘Because he’s desperate for fame?’ Really. There are many easier ways and one quotation from ‘a former friend’ I actually believe ‘he would have been really successful’. Yes he could have done pretty much anything because he has passion and ability. He chooses to do this because he values human life and dignity.

I care about the effect he has on people. I almost don’t care why he is doing what he is doing although I think and believe it is because he is sincere. I care about the impact he has had on me personally. I thought I was doing enough. His example convinced me I wasn’t. So I changed my job, moved hundreds of miles, am doing something I never dreamed of and am told ‘I am an angel sent from God.’

He who saves a life saves the world.

Thank-you Maajid.