Stateside,  Vote 2016

Hillary for President

That’s right. Despite my appreciation for much of what Bernie Sanders has advocated and done, I’m awarding my coveted endorsement for President in 2016 to Hillary Clinton.

Although I did not watch the entire Democratic presidential debate earlier this month (my computer kept freezing up), I saw enough of it to be impressed by her confidence and command of the issues. And it’s clear that Sanders’s focus on economic inequality, financial malfeasance and corporate excess has helped move her (in a sensible way) to the left on economic issues.

I also agree with her (and disagree with Sanders) about creating a no-fly zone in Syria.

Also, while I didn’t suffer through the hours of politically-motivated badgering she underwent before the apparently-eternal House Benghazi subcommittee, she kept her cool under fire, provided reasonable answers and probably emerged stronger as a candidate than when she went in. (Even such rightwing stalwarts as Erick Erickson and Byron York threw in the towel.)

This moment from the hearing tells the whole story:

Finally (and this was the clincher) I was pleased to learn from Vladimir Putin’s propaganda channel RT that Hillary is the candidate of the Hebrew-speaking Illuminati: