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Brighton Open Thread

Perhaps you have seen the latest news about John McDonnell.

At the Lancashire Against Cuts rally the same year, he also defended Ed Woollard, a student jailed for 32 months for hurling a fire extinguisher at police from the building’s seventh-floor roof, saying he had been “victimised.”

Mr McDonnell said: “That kid didn’t deserve 36 months (sic). Actually, he’s not the criminal. The real criminals are the ones that are cutting the education services and increasing the fees… We’ve got to encourage the direct action, [in] any form it can possibly take.”

That act – attempted murder of police officers in my book – was too much even for the students on a very angry demo. “Stop throwing shit!”

See McDonnell for yourself from seven minutes in here. The crime was not too much for Mr McDonnell, oh no. He then segues into a lovely anecdote about spitting in the managers’ tea at P&O.

Now take another look at the violent mob McDonnell found so inspiring.

So, a perfect friend of Jeremy, who has his own taste for standing up for the right kind of London thugs.

Cue “straight talking” (ho ho ho).

I think the point John was making was that was at the end of a student demonstration, and this person threw a fire extinguisher off a roof, which was a stupid and an absolutely wrong thing to do.

I think that and I’m sure John thinks that as well

I think the sentence he got was possibly disproportionate to the crime that he committed, and that’s the fundamental point about it.”

No Jeremy, your mate says the thug was “victimised” and “he’s not the criminal”.

“Stop throwing shit” would be a considered and measured response to Labour in autumn 2015.

Say what you will as the Brighton circus carries on.