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BBC Panorama on Jeremy Corbyn

Last night’s Panorama broadcast is well worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. The whole episode can be seen here.

This is a key segment.

This too caught my eye:

“As for the the Cairo conference, it was a separate organisation from StWC. Publication of its statement does not mean StWC endorsement of it.

Still less did it mean that all the diverse membership of StWC steering committee agreed with it or were asked to endorse it.”

Er, have a look at what was actually going on back in 2003, as reported on the stoppers’ own website.

The Iraqis themselves are now engaged in a titanic struggle to rid their country of occupying forces. The Palestinian intifada continues under the most difficult circumstances. The US administration threatens Iran and other countries on a daily basis.

Now is the time to draw together the forces of resistance in the Arab world and from around the globe. The Cairo conference will be a sign of the strength of that continuing resistance and of solidarity with those in the Middle East who are resisting globalisation and imperialism.

Please come to the conference. We are asking Stop the War Coalition groups and all other peace organisations to sponsor delegations to the conference. We are calling on trade union bodies at all levels to send delegates to the conference. Please begin the work today so that the movement in Britain can send the largest possible number of delegates to this vitally important gathering.

Yours truly,

Jeremy Corbyn MP
George Galloway MP
John Rees, vice-president, International Campaign Against US Aggression, Stop the War Coalition (UK)
Elias Rashmawi, vice-president, International Campaign Against US Aggression, ANSWER (US)

Remember that British forces were in the thick of it in Iraq when this was published.

For another look at this corner of Corbyn’s foul world, see this report from the Cairo conference. Naturally Corbyn’s mate John Rees shows up:

In the opening session John Rees, from the Stop the War Coalition in Britain, received loud applause when he said, ‘We stopped George Bush from launching his re-election campaign in London last month. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people poured onto the streets. People have come from Britain in solidarity with you. This is not merely because we sympathise with your struggle, and that of Iraq and Palestine. We come because your struggle is our struggle, your enemy, our enemy.

Will this bring Corbyn’s “peace process” lies to an end? It certainly should but it won’t, of course.