Stephen Sizer in Tehran

Last year the disgraced Church of England vicar Stephen Sizer attended an ugly conference in Iran.

See for yourself. The “New Horizon” conference featured notorious 9/11 truthers and a whole session dedicated to “Mossad’s Role in the 9/11 Coup d’Etat”.

Here’s a scene from the conference which actually made me laugh. A car ride from hell, recounted by Canadian 9/11 truther Anthony Hall:

The subject of 9/11 came up during a return trip by car from our tour of the former US Embassy, now Tehran’s “Nest of Spies Museum.” In the driver’s seat was Hamed Gashgavi, one of the key point persons on the staff of the conference’s host organization.

Also in the front seat was Rev. Stephen Sizer, a very important advocate of Palestinian rights in Great Britain. At the New Horizon conference Rev. Sizer, a Church of England Vicar, was the primary Christian ambassador to what could be seen through a lens of religious interpretation as an ecumenical event hosted by the Islamic Republic’s leadership. Rev. Sizer is also a well published expert on Christian Zionism.

In the back seat Thierry Meyssan, one of my favourite interpreters of global geopolitics, sat between Dr. Porter and myself.

Meyssan is one of the most prominent and ardent of truthers. What great company for Sizer!

Hall got stuck in:

How can the anti-war movement be effective without getting to the bottom of the issue of who really did what to whom and for what reasons? Who are the real culprits when it comes to the lies and crimes of 9/11?

Dr. Porter responded in a quite aggressive way, seemingly treating my observation as being more like a personal insult than a genuine attempt to diagnose a systemic problem. He answered me with a comment that I interpreted as a poor attempt to imitate the bombastic Alex Jones.

“You mean inside job,” Dr. Porter sneered as if the mere invocation of this simplistic slogan was sufficient justification to end the conversation.

Did Sizer object too? Hall doesn’t say in a very long article.

Back at the conference, one found scenes like this – loony tunes truther and thug Ken O’Keefe going on about “Satanic” Jews controlling the world’s money.

Sizer has justified his trip to the Tehran hatred festival with arrogant talk about being an “ambassador”.

Ambassador? Ho ho. Try acolyte of the ayatollahs. One who likes threats:

Critics of conferences such as New Horizons should think more carefully about how their inflammatory words will negatively impact on their own communities in Iran.

You can see Sizer’s speech in Tehran here. It’s just the usual rant about Zionism. The regime will have been comforted, not challenged.

The Church of England really should announce that Sizer will never again represent it in Iran.

Actually he shouldn’t represent the Church anywhere in the world.

If the Church does keep him in its ranks, the darkest of conclusions should be drawn.

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