Hope not Hate: Stop Jobbik in the UK

This is a press release from Hope not Hate

Gábor Vona, the extremist leader of the Hungarian nationalist party, Jobbik, is on his way to the UK with plans to host a gathering of racists and antisemites on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

We can stop his mission of hate, but we must act quickly. Sign our petition demanding that Home Secretary Theresa May deny Gábor Vona entry into the UK.

We fight extremism every day, but our efforts take on even greater meaning as we remember the Holocaust on Monday.

If we miss this window of opportunity, Jobbik will be through the border and in London preaching antisemitic words of hate while our voices of hope pause to remember one of the most atrocious genocides in human history.

There’s no time to waste, the Home Office must make their decision soon. Sign the petition now to stop Gábor Vona from marking this day of remembrance with antisemitism and hate:


Thank you for taking action so quickly.


Unite Against Fascism, a front organisation of the Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Action, have a short posting on Facebook:

All Out this Sunday, Jan 26, to oppose the Nazi jobbik/Golden Dawn Rally. Meet 12.30pm, opp Holborn tube, Central Lodon, please share widely,bring a travelcard/bring banners!