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Tommy Robinson screws up

The leader of the English Defence League has suffered a self-inflicted setback in his campaign for respectability.

Commenting on Twitter, “I hate Labour because of this”, Robinson linked to an article on a viciously antisemitic and anti-gay website (the EDL claims to be neither) that includes an extract from a newspaper piece on immigration, followed by the observation:

Of those mentioned in the above article, Home Secretary, Jack Straw, Immigration Minister, Barbara Roche, and Jonathan Portes, ‘who wrote the immigration report,’ are all Jewish.

When Jonathan Portes pointed this out to Robinson, he lamely replied:

never took much notice of that.

We await the outraged reactions from the likes of Pamela Geller (who calls Robinson “my colleague”), Robert Spencer (who calls him “a man who is justly concerned for his country and determined to defend it”) and Brian Kilmeade “We got your back”).

At The Telegraph, Tim Stanley observes:

The EDL constantly says that while it despises Islam, it’s cool with Jewish and gay people. Maybe some of its individual members really are. But when you drink from the far-Right-wing puddle, you drink with a coalition of Nazis, homophobes, anti-Semites, anti-Catholics and anti-women fruitcakes who think the Earth’s flat and Hitler’s living in the Antarctic waiting for the call to fly his UFO back to Europe and restore order. Maybe Tommy isn’t anti-Semitic, but I have no doubt that he keeps anti-Semitic company on his marches through irritated town centres. What more would you expect from a former member of the BNP?