Poisoned minds

I doubt those pathetic, ‘street theatre nihilists’ with their champagne ‘celebrations’ to mark the death of Margaret Thatcher will reflect on their acts to any extent but when former IRA leader Martin McGuinness is showing more common decency and basic humanity than you, you really are lost in a cul-de-sac of hate.

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has said people should not celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher…. McGuinness said people should “resist celebrating” ….

He added: “She was not a peacemaker but it is a mistake to allow her death to poison our minds.”

I have no problem at all with criticism of Thatcher at this time – or for that matter in the upcoming parliamentary debate. There is nothing wrong with Labour MP David Winnick making valid criticisms of Thatcherism in that debate and when it comes to huge public figures it is ridiculous to insist on ‘not speaking ill’ of the dead.

But there is something different about these parties and to a similar degree to those who talked of ‘raising a glass’ last night (although OddBins are pathetically petty for suspending a member of staff for a silly tweet).

Symbolic acts have value and meaning. The far left, that is clearly behind these festivals of tastelessness, is tainted by historical association with regimes and movements that were responsible for the deaths of millions and yet there is not the slightest awareness that in celebrating death, in crass talk of “tramp down the dirt”, these people send the message that ideology remains of higher value to them than respect for human life.

This is a pitiful, vain attempt to emulate the outpourings of oppressed peoples who celebrate the overthrow of a dictator yet it is hard to imagine any of them raising a symbolic glass in solidarity with the crowds who flooded the streets of, say, Baghdad after the execution of Saddam.

Indeed when Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces and young Americans took to the streets for a spontaneous celebration, Socialist Worker in the US recoiled: “Anyone who cares about peace and justice needs to raise their voice against these celebrations.”

Back in the 1980’s, the far left’s failure to deal with the challenge of Thatcherism led it to respond primarily with hysteria and vilification, most of which left those parts of the British working class who had lost patience with the left, utterly unmoved.

Thankfully, the current gesturing from these poisoned minds really is a death throe act of that, utterly failed, hysterical left.

Good riddance to them.