Dartford Labour: Jeremy Corbyn is an “anti-fascist”

Jeremy Corbyn considers himself to be a friend of Hamas and Hezbollah.

According to Corbyn, “there is no bottom line where Israel is concerned“, and those who died on the Gaza flotilla were martyrs “in the name of humanity“.

Corbyn’s language about the shady “pro-Israeli lobby” has clear parallels with that of the BNP’s Nick Griffin.

Corbyn ‘strongly supports’ an inquiry into alleged Jewish interference in the UK immigration system. Corbyn supports the Blood Libel Sheikh, and invited him for tea in Westminster.

Here is a message from the Dartford Labour Party:

On Thursday 21 June we have Jeremy Corbyn MP who will be addressing us on the subject of Foreign Policy. Jeremy, MP for Islington North, is one of the most left wing Labour MPs and a committed anti-fascist.

Rather than discipline Corbyn for his links to fascists abroad, Labour welcomes praise of Corbyn as an anti-fascist.

There is an institutional problem of racism within the Labour party, which ought to be addressed and remedied urgently.

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