UK Politics

London rejects the politics of hatred and division

It was a real photo finish. But in the end, London said no to the cronyism, the infatuation with totalitarian regimes, the baiting of Jews, the pandering to Islamists and hate preachers, the disloyalty, the hypocrisy, embodied by Ken Livingstone.

London is not Malmo.

This was a glorious election for the Labour Party. The Mayoralty should have been in the bag, too. Ken Livingstone lost it. On his own.

Had Ken Livingstone won, we know what would have come next. Not only the return of the politics of division and hatred: but a coterie of emboldened Kennites, urging such a strategy on Labour, nationally.

That siren song must now be ignored. Let’s hope that we hear no more of Ken Livingstone.

PS: In that vein: the British National Party has been wiped out. And Respect’s Abjol Miah lost to Labour in Tower Hamlets

Alec Adds: as much as I agreed with the sentiments of Alan A’s orginial “London rejects the politics of hatred and division” title, I do think “London Said Lo to Ken” is funnier.

Alan A reverts: I disagree! This is a moment for great solemnity, not tuperannuated hebrew puns!

Alec mumbles: a sort-of “Tz’chok”.