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Who was that conference meant to help again?

I wrote about Pamela Geller’s intervention into the case of Jessica Mokdad here.  She recently held a conference about honour killing, exploiting Mokdad’s name against the wishes of her family – Robert Spencer has declared that those with doubts about this event are pro-honour killing.

This is quite an interesting report on the event.  It is claimed that Geller, as well as those in charge of registration on the day, tried to prevent Arab Americans from registering and/or accessing the conference.  It was particularly ironic to see the many Muslim women excluded from the event, given that it was ostensibly set up to support them, and used Jessica Mokdad’s face, rather queasily blended with a famous image by Lichtenstein, on its publicity material. Sheila Musaji writes:

Geller is wrong.  Opposition to Geller and Spencer’s conference does not equal support of honor killing, gendercide, and the subjugation and oppression of women.  Opposition to their conference is because it is just another of their anti-Muslim hate fests.

You don’t have to see eye to eye with all the opponents of the conference, or be indifferent to the dangers posed by Islamism, to think she has it about right.

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