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Potatoes for all!

I couldn’t resist reproducing this letter from the latest edition of the Weekly Worker:

How much?

David Lee says that no-one should be allowed to earn more than £75,000 a year (Letters, December 15). Surely, no-one would need that much. Why not provide all citizens with a free supply of basic essentials – eg, bread, eggs, potatoes, etc? Foreign travel would need to be controlled to prevent the wealthy fleeing with their ill-gotten gains and to stop key workers moving abroad for higher pay.

Foreign governments may object to their banks, petro-chemical companies and power companies being seized, so we would need to develop arrangements with like-minded governments in North Korea, Cuba, etc.

Stefan Gerlach

While the contents are economically and politically stupid enough to pass the sniff test at Britain’s leading Trot journal perhaps the Comrades might have had second thoughts about publishing it if they’d Googled the sender’s name first.