Fun With Anagrams

1) Read this letter:

In view of the Iranian government’s condemnation of the storming of the British embassy by protesters and its call on the Iranian judiciary to identify and prosecute all those responsible, we find the hasty reaction of the UK government in cutting off diplomatic relations with Irandisproportionate, damaging and counterproductive (Is war with Iran inevitable?, 10 December). This overreaction could lead to a total abandonment of diplomacy and a sharp escalation of tensions with Iran. All points of dispute between the two countries should be resolved by means of diplomacy and negotiation only.

On this basis, we call on the UK government to reinstate its diplomatic relations with Iran and engage with the Iranian authorities to address all outstanding issues.

2) Unscramble these anagrams, to find the names of signatories:

  • Gaga Ogre Yellow
  • Gab Mag Mezzo
  • Sheer Zest Nip
  • Neutral Hobo
  • Dad Vans Winos
  • Titanic Trivia Orb
  • Only Dire Envy
  • Enter Buck
  • Buy Mad Razor
  • A Dogma Mad Hind
  • Database Lab
  • Waved Ebb
  • Broke A Man

Out of 13, how many did you get right?

Click on this link to the Guardian to find out.

IRNA has more!

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