Brother Andrew and Stephen Sizer at Christ at the Checkpoint 2010: Violent jihad has “every right” to attack the West

Rev. Stephen Sizer, and Dutch missionary Brother Andrew, in conversation at the last Christ at the Checkpoint conference.

Stephen Sizer: We need a Christian jihad.

Brother Andrew: That’s what Paul says, I’ve fought a good jihad. 2nd Timothy. I was speaking at Hamas university, and all the Hamas leaders were there. It was a very, very great occasion, for me and for them! At the end of it I said, I am not demanding for a dialogue with you Muslims, but at any time, anywhere, I want a dialogue with Muslims, what kind of person does the book produce? Your book, my book. That’s what I want to talk about.


Stephen Sizer: “[…] Paul says, I have fought the good jihad.


When we talk about Christian jihad, we’re not talking about violence or changing a political system. We’re talking about the way of Christ, the way of the cross.

Brother Andrew: Even in Islam they have two types of jihad. One jihad you fight against your own evil desires in your own heart. Especially the Sufis are doing that. But then there’s the other jihad. That’s a relatively new thing. Because of the increasing antagonism that it gets from the West. So now they’re more and more to determined to hit us back. And they have every right to do so.”

Sizer: Yeah. So we have much in common with fundamentalist Islam! You’ve been called a fundamentalist, I know, by Muslims, because you believe in the Bible.

Brother Andrew: “Yeah I still see the man at the university. I said, you’re the fundamentalist, I said to the Hamas leader, he said, no, either you follow Christ you go all the way, [but] most people stop half-way, and that he said makes you a fundamentalist.”

Have a look through the speakers’ list of Christ at the Checkpoint 2012, and see if you spot anyone interesting.

Bear in mind: this is a conference claiming to oppose violent fundamentalist and apocalyptic theology within Christianity.

Bang goes that argument.