Jody McIntyre spouts Gaddafi propaganda courtesy of Russia Today

Jody McIntyre, who wanted to see the streets of London set alight, evidently has little love for the jubilant masses of Libya who are now celebrating an end to 40 years of insane dictatorship:

Almost 1300 people have been killed in Libya in the past 24 hours; almost equal to the death toll of the brutal, three-week Israeli Operation Cast Lead massacre in Gaza. In the case of Gaza, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in cities across the world to demonstrate, but now, we celebrate for Tripoli.

McIntyre says he gets his news from Russia Today. This would be the outlet that yesterday was “reporting” the following:

Poor Jody. Makes you wonder about the copy he filed at the Indy that didn’t get used.

Jody McIntyre at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting earlier this year – “set the streets of London alight!”