Dreams of Ethnic Cleansing

If Israeli state television were to broadcast a programme in which the Al Aqsa mosque and its worshippers were described as “sin and filth”, and expressed confidence that it would be swept away and replaced with houses for Jews – it would be front page news all around the world.

Editorials would be devoted to such a broadcast. It would be held up as proof that Israel had no intentions of negotiating a settlement with Fatah, and that the two state solution was dead. Demonstrations would be held around the world, which would be lead by Islamist groups aligned with Palestinian terrorist factions, and they would be joined by students and members of Parliament. Prominent Jewish personalities would declare that Israel had now forfeited its legitimacy. Foreign Ministers would make public statements expressing the severest concern.

When it comes to the Palestinian Authority TV, this sort of rhetoric is par for the course.

“They [Israelis] know for certain that our [Palestinian] roots are deeper than their false history. We, from the balcony of our home, look out over [Islamic] holiness and on sin and filth (Jews’ praying at Western Wall) in an area that used to have [Arab] people and homes. We are drawing our new maps. When they [Israelis] disappear from the picture, like a forgotten chapter in the pages of our city’s history, we will build it anew (residential area). The Mughrabi Quarter will be built here (on the Western Wall Plaza).”

And it won’t even be reported.