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Will The Media Thrice Deny Hamas’s intentions?

The massacre of October the 7th was “just a rehearsal” Hamas’s leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, threatened yesterday, according  to a report in the Jewish Chronicle. This represents the third such open threat to repeat the rape and slaughter of Jews in the past month by senior Hamas leadership.  So far, none of the mainstream media has covered his remarks, or for that matter, the previous remarks of his colleagues. This is a scandal and a disgrace.

As news anchors on the mainstream networks subject Israeli diplomats to hostile questioning about a “ceasefire” (note, they never put this to Hamas mouthpieces) not one will acknowledge the consequences of such a ceasefire. What the consequences are is not subject to speculation: we have been told three times now in no uncertain terms that any ceasefire will last only as long as it takes Hamas to regroup and launch another massacre of Jewish people of the sort we saw on 7/10, an event they were so proud of, they unashamedly shared the footage of beheadings, strafing of young people with machine guns, rapes, mutilations and kidnappings on social media.

What country in its right mind would give a terrorist society enough breathing space to launch such an attack again?

A ceasefire implies an attempt at living side-by-side in peace. This is a delusional belief. It is simply not possible. The rulers of Gaza and their allies have made it plain that they are not interested in peace, nor are they interested in a “two-state solution”. They are not, dear Western liberals, “seeking self determination for a Palestinian State”. They are seeking the destruction of the Jews and the eradication of Jews “from the river to the sea”.

Reuters noted in a piece today that:

“Last year, Yahya Sinwar told a rally in Gaza that Hamas would deploy fighters and rockets in a fierce strike on Israel, the nation that imprisoned him for 23 years before he was freed and rose to a leadership role in the militant group. The speech by Hamas’ leader in Gaza to thousands of cheering supporters bore the hallmarks of crowd-pleasing hyperbole. Less than a year later, Israel discovered it was no idle threat…”

And yet everyone but Israel today continues to believe that the words from the mouths of these terrorists are nothing more than “hyperbole” and “idle threats”. It seems only Israel has learned a lesson, while the wilfully ignorant among our media class insist that they are paranoid, disproportionate in their response, and even cruel and indiscriminate as they “lash out”.

So if our know-it-all media need to hear one thing, it is this:

Stop guessing what they want. Stop pretending that they want something other than what their own founding charter states as their objective. Hamas are telling you what they want and what they will do to get it. Just open your fucking ears!