Really rank

As a follow up to Gene’s post, I thought I’d offer a quick comparison of how some of the blogs you may (or may not) read shape up according to the Netcraft ranking of most visited web sites.

Guardian/CIF 122

Huffington Post 146

Harry’s Place 16,695

Atlas Shrugs 16,810

Guido Fawkes 17,307

Jihadwatch 21,527

Normblog 34,168

Butterflies and Wheels 35,529

Engage 46,615

Liberal Conspiracy 71,451

Pickled Politics 435,252

Socialist Unity 1, 179, 184.

Update Just to put this into a bit more perspective here’s a link to all the top ranking sites – including Facebook, top news sites, search engines, wikipedia etc.  Political blogs are comparatively niche, although sites connected with major newspapers or broadcasters rank highly.

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