Iran’s Young Poetess to Face Trial

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Islamic Republic’s intelligence ministry have filed a case against Hila Sedighi, Iran’s young and beautiful poetess whose passionate political poetry recitals have stirred the deepest emotions amongst Iranians.

Hila Sedighi, a pro-Moussavi campaigner in the elections, has been interrogated for up to 10 to 11 hours a day in the last three months, on an almost daily basis.

Security agents have raided her house and took away her personal belongings and she now awaits her trial. Hila has responded by saying she will not accept any charges made against her and she has always acted within the framework of the country’s laws.

Hila’s video clips of her poetry recitals on youtube and facebook have received hits well above 100,000.

Below is one on youtube with subtitles (not a good translation)

and another one of her masterpieces which I have tried to translate myself

My Homeland,
The Magical Land
The Heart of the Middle East
Your Name, Your History and Your Men are Immortal
I am an Iranian woman, Iranian just like you
I am patient and I am proud too
I am your daughter
I am an Iranian woman like Shirin
Tahmineh’s sister and in the same stories from Parvin and Pouran
I am an Iranian woman, a civilised person
I am a Daughter of Persia
and I roar like the sea
I am the Gulf, the Forever Persian Gulf
I am an Iranian woman
I have a spring full of grace
Like the water behind the Sivand Dam
I have as much tears behind my eyes
I am an Iranian woman
I mould you with the blocks of my soul
I raise and hold up your crown
With pillars made of my bones
I am an Iranian woman
Iranian like you
I am patient and I am proud too
I am your daughter

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