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No to AV campaign takes big poll lead

The latest Sun/YouGov poll out tonight is giving the No To AV campaign a whopping 11 point lead over the yes vote. Just over a week ago the respective yes and no alternative vote campaigns were neck and neck in the polls. Support for the yes campaign seems to have plateaued at 32% with those who were previously “don’t knows” now coming out for the no campaign.

RT @Sun_Politics YouGov poll tonight: #No2AV posts a record 11% lead – 43% No, 32% Yes. Ever fewer agree with Nick

As the Sun quips, ever fewer people appear to be agreeing with Nick. That is sure to be part of the story as the toxicity of Nick Clegg plays its role in reducing support for the yes to av campaign. But equally, I’m sure part of it is also that neither side are really getting their case over to the wider public. We’ve seen that with the Yes campaign hitching itself to the royal wedding and the no campaign focussing on how much switching to AV will cost (£250m).

This all seems to be working in favour of the no campaign. While that is not unwelcome, I for one would still like to see the issues debated and so when the No To AV campaign does triumph it does so for the right reasons rather than people simply opting for the devil they know.