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Yes to AV campaign hitches itself to royal wedding

I’m embarrassed for them.  The yes to the Alternative Vote campaign is planning to capitalise on the royal wedding and will, according to the Guardian, argue that it is “a time to be optimistic and say yes”.

Instead of battling the unstoppable royal bandwagon of Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton on April 29, just ahead of the May 5 referendum, the Yes campaign is hitching its wagon to the royal procession and proclaiming it as the season for saying yes. Is this a Jim Carey film? I’m just asking.

“We will put all the arguments, but around the wedding it will be a coming-into-summer, more optimistic, more of a yes mood,” a campaign source said told the Guardian. “The no camp will throw everything at us – that is the nature of a no campaign, it will be ‘if in doubt vote no’.”

The royal wedding will doubtless soak-up huge amounts of media attention, but this is lame. It is dumbing down and it isn’t going to help the public understand an issue that many still do not get.

It is that lack of understanding, as much as AV being a poor excuse for electoral reform, that will sink the Yes vote.

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