Poll swings behind the No to AV campaign

It might have had an misjudged launch campaign, focusing not on the issues but on the fact that AV is costing tax payers £250 million to implement, but a new poll in the Guardian today shows the Yes and No to AV campaigns neck and neck in the polls – Yes: 37%. No: 37%. Don’t Know: 27%.

This is a major shift in ICM’s polling on the AV referendum, with the Yes campaign down seven points in under two months. It seems a lot of those who were previously undecided are coming out against AV.

This latest poll comes after the Yes campaign responded to NO to AV’s pledge to reveal its biggest donors prior and admitted that its campaign is almost entirely reliant on two major donors: the Electoral Reform Society and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

The latter is also the biggest single donor to the Liberal Democrats, which further emphasises the close ties the Yes campaign has to David Cameron’s coalition partners and to its leader Nick Clegg.