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“Look who’s talking” watch

The Islamic Republic’s Press TV reports:

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has called on political leaders in Egypt to follow the “rightful demands” of their people.

“Iran expects Egyptian officials to listen to the voice of their Muslim people, respond to their rightful demands and refrain from exerting violence by security forces and police against an Islamic wave of awareness that has spread through the country in form of a popular movement,” Mehmanparast said Saturday.

While there’s no evidence that the uprising in Egypt represents a specifically “Islamic wave of awareness,” I suppose Mr. Mehmanparast chose his words carefully. After all his regime has no problem with exerting violence by security forces and police against waves of awareness they consider un-Islamic– that is, in opposition to Iran’s rulers.

See Potkin Azarmehr on the differences between what happened in Iran after the fraudulent 2009 election and what is happening now in Tunisia and Egypt.

The Iranian regime is one that seized power through a revolution and is thus well experienced in how to avert a revolution. As a friend of mine in Iran quoted his revolutionary guards commander “we will do everything the Shah didn’t do and not do any thing that the Shah did during the 1979 revolution. Just one concession will open the floodgates and increase people’s confidence in overthrowing the regime, we will not give one concession to the protesters”.

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