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Lord Ahmed on Zakir Naik

This post from earlier this week presents a very strong case against Zakir Naik, the Islamist preacher banned from the UK this summer. In particular, it demonstrates that he is a racist and a supporter of terrorism.

There’s more to say about Mr Naik.

He is both ridiculous and nasty.

Have a look at him in this tape, where he justifies bans on the propagation of religions other than Islam in Muslim countries. On what grounds? That allowing people to spread other religions is like hiring a maths teacher who believes that 2+2=3. Only Islam is the truth.

As the commenter on the tape rightly notes, this puts him at the level of the Taliban and also people who sought to prevent the preaching of Islam at its advent.

So who steps up for Zakir Naik? Who else but Lord Ahmed.

His supporters are pulling out all stops from their way and spending loads of money to ensure the ban is lifted. Naik’s solicitor is being assisted by two QCs from former prime minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Booth’s Matrix Chambers.

Those Muslims, mainly Indian and Pakistanis, who were in favour of the ban gathered about 8,000 signatures, but Lord Nazir Ahmed led a delegation of pro-Zakir Naik camp and presented 10,000 signatures to 10 Downing Street, urging the government to overturn the ban as the full hearing in a court of law is already under way.

Lord Nazir Ahmed told media that Dr Zakir Naik is renowned worldwide and in the United Kingdom for his excellent work in the field of comparative religion, bringing together people from all the major faiths of the world on a common platform of peace and mutual understanding.

He said to associate the cleric with terrorism is completely wrong and such suggestions were ridiculous.

He said the decision by the Home Secretary to exclude Dr Zakir Naik goes against the British social justice and freedom and it does nothing to promote integration and harmony between the diverse communities.

Lord Ahmed said if people like anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders were allowed in Britain to openly preach hatred against Muslims then why not Zakir Naik who preaches peace and community cohesion.

Ah yes, antisemitism, support for terrorism, disparagement of other religions, death for apostates from Islam who dare to make their views known – Mr Naik is all about “peace and community cohesion”, isn’t he.

As for Wilders, his ban was overturned by the courts, not the government. But facts must not get in the way of Lord Ahmed’s latest bid to stir up anger and resentment.

What else is Lord Ahmed up to these days? Joining Jamaat-e-Islami’s UK tour.

Here is one of the South Asian Islamist party’s latest contributions to “peace and community cohesion” – promotion of the absurd and hateful conspiracy theories of religious “leaders”:

LAHORE, Oct. 20: Prominent Ulema from different schools of thought have warned the nation against attempts from certain quarters to fan sectarianism in the country and said this was an enemy conspiracy to further weaken the country.

In a joint statement here Wednesday, they expressed deep concern over the reports that a deliberate attempt was being made by vested interests to cause sectarians, especially Deobandi- Brelvi clashes in the country. They said this was purely a conspiracy hatched by the US-India-Israel troika who had always been devising new methods to further divide and weaken the Muslim Ummah.

The solution? Easy. The scholars:

…urged the Ulema and religious scholars to step forward and foil every conspiracy by the enemy in order to steer the Ummah out of the present crisis and build Pakistan into the fortress of Islam and drive away the Crusaders from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

We all know who is doing the “driving away” of “crusaders” such as British soldiers in Afghanistan.

Of course Lord Ahmed will also be one of the speakers at the “Global Peace and Unity” event this weekend. It will host yet more racists, supporters of terrorism, and promoters of vicious hatred. The aim of the event is to legitimise them. Lord Ahmed will do his bit for that cause.

When will Labour present Lord Ahmed with a simple choice – stop promoting extremists or leave the party.

Probably never.

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