UK Politics

It’s the wrong speech, Gromit.

“But I do believe that we were wrong. Wrong to take Britain to war and we need to be honest about that”

Implicit in that formulation is the suggestion anyone who doesn’t think the war was wrong is somehow dishonest. Which is a novel opening gambit for a new leader looking to unify his party.

That said, I’m less concerned that Ed Miliband said what he said than the fact he thought it was worth saying or needed saying. Iraq mighht still be a big deal to some of us bloggers and those with a professional interest (esp. journos with a visceral hatred of Blair), but the rest of the country has moved on. Those of us who stuff envelopes, deliver leaflets and occasionally pass a word or two with flesh and blood voters realised this some time ago. It’s slightly worrying that EM hasn’t noticed, but it’s precisely because his comments matter less than he thinks they do that I’ll still be banging on doors in 5 years time trying to get his sorry ass into number 10.