From the Vaults: Newsweek, January 31, 1983

Below I enclose an extract of an article from Newsweek in 1983:

‘Zionism Is a Criminal Plot’

Newsweek, January 31, 1983

During an extensive interview in Tripoli with NEWSWEEK’S Mark Whitaker and two other journalists, Muammar Kaddafi outlined his views on a number of Libya’s foreign and domestic policies. Excerpts:

On Soviet Arms Purchases: These arms are for self-defense. To say that this is overarming is simply Zionist and American propaganda. These weapons are barely sufficient. In fact, they are insufficient. As for the question of against whom they might be used, that is a question that should be posed to all the countries of the world. To those who produce nuclear weapons, we ask: “Whom are they directed against?”


On the Fight Against Israel: The confrontation states have been defeated several times because they have not been serious. Their planning was not long-term planning. Otherwise what is called Israel could have been finished off in about 24 hours. Two or three Arab states can finish Israel in less than a day.

On Zionism: If Zionism continues with its criminal international plot, it will sacrifice the Americans, the Arabs and the Jews in order to save itself. For the Zionists this in written in their books. Zionism dispatches individuals to acquire new nationalities so that they can rule these countries. One of them perhaps could get into the White House or to the Kremlin. Then the whole world will be destroyed by Zionists.


On the International Green Movement: I believe the Green Movement in Europe could well be the instigator of the era of the masses.  They are looking for an alternative. I don’t think there is any difference between the people’s revolution in Libya and the International Green Movement. They may even find their center and leadership in Libya.

On His Role as Libya’s Leader: My role is to guide the revolution. The people may not be fully aware of their authority, and they may hesitate. I am simply telling them that they should not fear anybody else because there is nobody else except the people.

On His Image in the West: The views of the American people on Islam and me and Libya are false. The Americans have been misled, because Zionism owns the mass media. It gives the American people the wrong idea about Kaddafi, about Islam, and about the outside world.

Surely, nobody on the left would ever support such a madman?