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Press TV: fair and balanced

Never let it be said that the website of the Iranian regime-funded Press TV is unwilling to report both sides of a story.

For instance, in an article headlined “Neo-Nazi attacks against Jews in Chile?” they report:

In recent weeks, schools, synagogues and cemeteries in the Chilean cities of Santiago, Concepcion and Temuco have been vandalized and desecrated.

While law enforcement has not yet determined who is behind the attacks, some say there are indications that the perpetrators are neo-Nazis.

On Tuesday The American Jewish Committee called on Chilean President Pinera to step up his government’s efforts to respond to the recent surge in assaults on the country’s Jewish community.

“The systematic campaign of vandalism of Jewish institutions throughout Chile, as well as personal threats against the community’s leaders, is of paramount concern to us,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris.

They “forgot” to mention that the vandalized schools and cemeteries happened to be Jewish, but never mind. Next comes the other side of the story:

On the other hand many pundits note that Jews are often encouraged to move to Israel and even receive financial funding through organizations to help them relocate and anti-Semitism is often utilized for this purpose and naturally supports Israel in increasing its Jewish population.

Neo-Nazi movements in Chile and South America sound unusual. Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern Zionism, recognized that anti-Semitism would further his cause, the creation and spread of Israel.

Ah. So antisemitism is a tool created and used by Jews to encourage Jews to move to Israel. Or something.

And the accompanying photo of the loony Neturei Karta “Jews against Zionism” reminds us that if all Jews were like them, there wouldn’t be any of these silly problems.

As Judeosphere writes:

Fascism and Neo-Nazi movements in Latin America?? Where would anyone get that idea?

The Auschwitz death doctor Josef Mengele might well have been brought to justice had it not been for those “unusual” South American neo-nazis helping to shelter him for decades.