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From the Vaults: The Times, December 18, 1917

There are those people, some who are misguided and some who know the truth, who look up to Leon Trotsky. These people consider themselves Trotskyists. They often belong to a political party that is comprised of other Trotskyists. They can, on occasion, be spotted outside supermarkets selling a party newspaper. They can often be identified because the paper they sell tends to have a combination of some of the following words in the title: Workers, Worker, Power, Socialist, Revolutionary, Fight, Hammer. On occasion the newspaper may have an innocuous title such as News Line. But do not be fooled, these people are dangerous and should be exposed as such. They aim to achieve power by violently overthrowing parliamentary democracy and installing a dictatorship. Trotskyists do not have morals that would be expected of a decent human being and they do not respect human life. For as Trotsky said himself:

As for us, we were never concerned with the Kantian-priestly and vegetarian-Quaker prattle about the “sacredness of human life.”

Their potential for terror, brutal violence, and even murder, knows no bounds. Below I copy an extract from an article that appeared in The Times newspaper in 1917. I urge you to pay attention to the words of Trotsky.




The Times, December 18, 1917, p.6.

The Petrograd Soviet, evidently with the intention of strengthening the hands of the People’s Commissioners in dealing with the Constituent Assembly, has passed a resolution demanding the immediate promulgation of a decree quashing the elections of all Cadet Deputies.

Receiving a military deputation at the Smolny Institute, Trotsky declared that the People’s Commissioners were engaged in a merciless and decisive struggle against the Cadet Party, and would stop at nothing in the prosecution of class warfare. In a speech delivered before the Executive Committee of the Soviets he went even further. Replying to some speakers who disapproved of violence being offered to members of the Constituent Assembly, Trotsky said:-

You are shocked at the mild form of terror we exercise against our class enemies, but take notice that not more than a month hence that terror will assume a more terrible form, on the model of that of the great French Revolution. No prison but the guillotine for our enemies. It is not immoral for a democracy to crush another class. That is its right.

Next time you see someone selling a copy of a newspaper called Socialist Worker or a different Trotskyist title, look at the person selling the newspaper and know that you are looking at a potential murderer.