9/11: The ‘Troof’ Is Out There

Some may recall a strange character called Alan Hart who has written two volumes of a book, entitled Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. The book was so atrocious that publishing house after publishing house turned the book down and so he self published it. Of course, he blamed the facts that no one would publish the book and that reviewers ignored it after he self-published it, on Zionism. As far as he was concerned, the publishing houses and the press were in “fear of offending Zionism.” This is despite the fact that numerous anti-Zionist texts get published and reviewed. The thought that the real reason for the lack of interest in his book might be that the book is rubbish has clearly not crossed his mind. He did get some publicity though as MPAC promoted him.

Anyway, Hart is back! There is now a third volume of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. I do not intend reading it, but no doubt some misguided souls will have interest. In the marketing of the book, Hart was interviewed on the Kevin Barrett show. In this interview he rants against Zionism, Zionists, the “Nazi like” state of Israel, and “the stranglehold of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress on policy for Israel/Palestine.”  He also blamed the war in Iraq on neocons such as Wolfowitz and Perle acting in Israel’s interests and suggested that President Obama was doing what the Zionist Lobbyists tell him what to do. None of these claims by Hart are surprising.

What is surprising is that Hart broke his own rule and discussed 9/11.

He told us what he “honestly believes.” This was that the 9/11 attack, “probably started out as an all Muslim operation … but would have been very quickly penetrated by Mossad agents.”  He said that “at an early point they [Mossad] said to the bad guys in the CIA, ‘Hey, this operation is running, what do we do?’ And the Zionists and the neocons said, ‘Let’s use it.’”

He thought the following was not arguable: “The Twin Towers were brought down by a controlled ground explosion, not the planes.” Hart has had this confirmed by a construction firm.

He discussed “the film of the five dancing Israelis.” Hart informed us that these dancing Israelis “all had mobile phones.” Hart wanted to know “what were they were doing there?” He believes that “it suggests at a minimum that they knew that the attack was going to happen.” He then provided his own theory: “the planes were fitted with transponders and that these guys were calling in the planes to the targets.” He went on further to give credence to the idea that “it would have been a bloody difficult job to actually drive the planes into those buildings.”   This would explain the need for the dancing Israelis with mobile phones.

In terms of the hijackers, Hart informs us (and I have not misquoted him): “We know as a fact that at least six and possibly nine of the alleged hijackers who died are still alive.”  Hart said that the only counter-literature to this is “How dare you be so anti-Semitic?”

But not even 9/11 conspiracies were enough for him, as he already has an Iran conspiracy theory ready. For those of you who do not know, Hart told us in the interview that “Israel can’t actually do Iran alone. So it would need to get a false-flag operation going to force and drag America in.”He speculates that this will be done via a missing American nuclear weapon that will be triggered by the Israelis or their associates.  This nuclear weapon was one of six that were supposed to be sent to Israel but recalled by the American Generals while on route. (In Hart’s world, in order to recall the plane, the American Generals overruled President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Hart does not explain how they had the authority to do that.)

When the returned plane was unloaded, there were only five nuclear weapons. (I was tempted at this stage of the interview to break into a song, “And if one nuclear weapon, should accidentally go missing, there will be four nuclear weapons…”) Hart claims he would have to “dig deep” into his computer to find a source, but he tells us that “it has been fairly extensively documented.”   He admits that it is pure speculation, but suggests that if this missing nuclear weapon was triggered and exploded by the Israelis or their associates then Iran would be blamed. The consequence of this would be that there would be a clamour by the American population to bomb Iran.

Hart will be discussing events in Israel with our former Member of Parliament, George Galloway. I wonder if they will discuss the activities of the “five dancing Israelis”?