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You are a spark of divine magnificence

Democracy village “Parliament Square Peace Strike” are a group of concerned citizens who are coming together to call for Peace, Justice and Freedom.

The issues which we campaign for are diverse e.g. Peace, an end to the war in Afghanistan, Climate Justice, Civil Liberties, Land Reform, Electoral Reform and much more. We are unified in our desire for change and will remain here until our demands are met.

Afghanistan seems to be the issue for some:

“We’re staying at the democracy village in order to campaign to get the troops back from Afghanistan because the overwhelming majority of the British public – 72% in fact – would like the troops home.

“It’s a war without an enemy, it’s a pre-emptive war, it’s an illegal war.”

They have a video. It is the best thing you will see this week. I can’t believe it wasn’t scripted. There are some highlights.

“We will replace incompetence and greed, with peace self-sufficiency and bunny-love. No more expenses claims, no more lies, no more unfairness. The time has come for independence. Bunny independence. Plough the manors of the fat cats, and plant carrot fields. Dig up the bankers bonuses and dig warrens for us all. Vote Bunny independence! Innit!”

“We all have an important job to do on this site, and it’s the alcoholics that are going to destroy it. Please refrain from drinking on this site.”

This last comment brings on a war between the different protesters. Protestors start calling for each other to leave the site. One protestor calls out for Police help at the 2 minute mark. There’s pushing and shoving, and an accusation of headbutting. It is splendid.

Obviously bunny love is a tough sort of love.

Then there’s a fairly rational man making a case for growing your own food. Nice. Sweet.

At 4:18, a child of love comes face to face with a wizened protestor who confronts her vacuity “So the system will collapse by everybody loving each other will it?”

“Love Nick Griffin”

6:10 “It’s like the Vikings and Saxons, it reminds me of that period”

The Vikings and Saxons being the ultimate bunny love peace warriors.

7:00 “How long are you gonna keep living here?”

“Just a bit longer to see what happens, until we get moved on by the fascists”.

“Is Democracy village a miniature version of the perfect society?”

On the evidence of this video, the answer seems quite clear. But you ought to decide for yourself.

Is this really political protest?