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Labour Leadership round-up

As well as the Millibands, Diane Abbott has thrown her hat into the ring. Hopefully, this won’t mean a return to sofa government.

Andy Burnham has entered, although some might think he’d be wiser to win the leadership next time round.

Bully Balls
(surely doomed by past associations and other concerns) is standing. So if you thought that the Labour leadership from 2007 to 2010 was good, he’s the man for you.

Oh and John McDonnell is bleating. It’s all terrible unfair that someone so unpopular is unable to get enough votes to stand. He should take a lesson from Diane Abbott, who appeared confident this morning that she could get the nominations.

The patron of confused causes, Sunny Hundal (Ex-Tory supporter, Ex-Liberal Democrat supporter) has decided that the Labour party “needs a strong left-wing voice and John is the obvious candidate given that the only other contender has backed out” and states I need some help in putting pressure on these MPs to nominate John and have that wide-ranging debate”.

So that’s McDonnell screwed then.

But seriously, who would have thought that an individual blog could have such a momentous effect on the Labour leadership race?