Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

This is just great:

Backbench MP Diane Abbott has joined the race for the Labour leadership.

The Londoner told the BBC her bid was “serious”, saying there was little between the other candidates and she would be offering Labour a choice.

Yes, Abbott offers a choice, but not a serious one.

The prospect of an Abbott challenge was mooted yesterday by Simon Woolley of “Operation Black Vote” on CIF yesterday. Here are a few of the comments that followed that article:

Oh go on, please elect Diane Abbott. It’d guarantee that Labour remain in the political wilderness for generations.

Diane Abbott would be a nightmare for Labour a gift to the Tories.

Just watch her on TV with Portillo on a Thursday evening she talks over people dismisses everything said and always gets things completely and utterly WRONG. So if your looking for someone that can unite Labour please not her

I’m sorry but I’ve been laughing out loud. Look, she’s a good MP and a character, but leader? No, she doesn’t have a grasp of the issues involved and doesn’t command a lot of respect from her colleagues.

Cameron has just dreamt of heaven.

Oh please please please let it be Diane Abbott. What’s the web acronym for maniacal laughter??

She may have credentials as a campaigner and experience as a serving MP but leader? Really? Labour’s nomination to be the Prime Minister of this country? Oh CiF, you’ve done it again.

Can we please have a different typeface for irony? I’m sure some people will read this as a serious article.

But she happens to be on of the most annoying people on the planet.

Abbott’s most significant shortcoming is that, when excited, her voice rises to a pitch that can only be heard by bats and dogs.

The Standard’s Paul Waugh says:

Diane Abbott brings much needed diversity to Labour ldrshp race: she’s the only candidate with child at private school

This is true. However, it is worth pointing out Abbott’s son has made it very clear that the decision to attend City of London School was his own.