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Red lorry, blue lorry, yellow lorry

Monitoring an individual’s political stance over time is of obviously minor interest, unless they have an important role in political life (an MP crossing the floor of the house) or are a renowned polemicist who changes their orientation. However, one individual’s political journey has come to attention, and I wonder if it is indicative of a problem common to other so-called “progressives” at the moment.

In 2008, Sunny Hundal advised brown people to vote Tory:

given that New Labour wants to extend anti-terrorism legislation until every brown person in the country is locked up until proven innocent (or once the police can be bothered to let you out), it makes more sense for brown and black people, who will overwhelmingly face the brunt of this police-state legislation, to vote Conservative. At least the Tories have finally found some balls regarding the erosion of our civil liberties. And yes, I felt slightly sordid saying that. But its worth thinking about – if you’re brown, then its not worth voting Labour for the sake of your own security.

In early May 2010, Hundal advised people to vote Liberal Democrat, and allayed fears that they would jump into bed with the Tories:

Many Labourites are pushing the idea that Nick Clegg is almost certainly likely to jump in bed with the Conservatives. I think it’s highly unlikely but I could be proven wrong.

Where does he find himself two weeks later? In a letter advising the Labour Party not to rush the election of a new leader. Advice, I suspect, that will be taken as seriously as it deserves.

Last week Labour lost. The British public had lost their faith in us. This verdict is damning, but it is something we must face. It is now absolutely crucial that the party thinks long and hard about how it renews and transforms itself in the years ahead. But to understand how we win again, we must be certain we know why we lost. […]

We cannot afford to rush, and there is no need to. The Tories and Lib Dems have locked themselves into a deadly embrace of pain and cuts before they can hope for any improvement in the polls.

Signed Sunny Hundal, Liberal Conspiracy (That’s LibCon for short)
and others….


Things must be looking up for Labour, they already appear to have created a bandwagon to jump on.

Is this what progressive politics really is? As soon as any particular policy they don’t like comes along, or a political deal needs to be struck to obtain power to implement policies, you jump ship to opposition (whoever they may be)?

Are people discovering they actually do have a tribal political instinct?

Are they just too hip to be seen endorsing what they voted for?

Are they feeling guilty?

If you voted Lib Dem, assuming you weren’t brain-dead enough to think a Lib Dem and Conservative coalition wasn’t a realistic option, then why not suck it up, join the Liberal Democrats, and influence that party to ensure they keep on track with the strongly held views you had when you voted for them?