Labour Minister Celebrates With Daud Abdullah At Hamas Mosque

Finsbury Park Mosque used to be the base for the hate preacher, Abu Hamza.

Following his eviction, the mosque was gifted by Bob Lambert’s Muslim Contact Unit to a board which included the fugitive Hamas commander, Mohammed Sawalha. Bob Lambert is now being funded by the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front organisations, Islam Expo and the Cordoba Institute, who underwrite his “academic” project at Exeter University.

That happened five years ago.

This Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood institution is, quite naturally, celebrating its achievements. And very impressive they have been too.

At their fifth anniversary event last month, look who turned up:

The event, which lasted for more than two hours on a Friday night, was well attended and well received by members of local
council, metropolitan police, community organizations, Muslim community representatives, local MPs, researchers and the guest of honour for the event his Rt. Hon. Sadiq Khan, MP, Minister of State for Transport.

Finally, the guest of honour his Rt. Hon. Sadiq Khan talked about how he sees the experience of the mosque and thanked the trustees and the staff for their hard work and success.

Who else was at this event?

This was followed by a few words from Dr. Daud Abdullah Deputy General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain who highlighted the importance of working together to bring about success.

Daud Abdullah is a signatory to the pro-Hamas Istanbul Declaration which contains a thinly veiled threat of violence against those who “stand with Israel” and against the Royal Navy, if it acts to enforce the Gaza ceasefire. He absolutely refuses to remove his name from this Declaration.

Now, you’ll remember that when the Muslim Council of Britain was brought in from the cold last month by the Islamist-friendly Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government., John Denham, we were treated to the following promise:

The Department for Communities and Local Government insisted that Mr Abdullah would have no contact with ministers under the new arrangement.

It said: “In light of the MCB’s letter we do not consider this to be an MCB issue. They have made clear to us that Daud Abdullah signed the statement in question in a personal capacity.

We still have concerns about the uncertainty of Daud Abdullah’s personal position on this issue. Until he is able to provide the clarification that we have always been seeking we will not be engaging with him.”

Absolute bollocks, wasn’t it?

Not only has a senior Labour minister appeared on a platform with Daud Abdullah. He has turned up to cheer on what is effectively a Hamas takeover of a British Mosque.

Perhaps Sadiq Khan MP thought we wouldn’t notice.