What I Didn’t Know Yesterday

This is a crosspost by Potkin

I thought I had mentioned all the injustices surrounding the execution of the 19 year old Arash Rahmanipour yesterday on Aljazeera. However I learned about yet another heartbreaking fact from his lawyer’s interview with VOA Persian. I mentioned that Arash’s pregnant sister was frequently brought into the interrogation room to put pressure on Arash to confess but what I did not know and should have also mentioned in the interview with Aljazeera was that as a result of the inhumane pressures and prison conditions, Arash’s sister had lost her baby.

Damn these savage monsters who show no mercy even for pregnant women and unborn babies. They didn’t just kill a 19 year old yesterday they murdered an unborn baby too.

There will be a protest against yesterday’s executions outside the Iranian embassy tonight 18:00- 20:00. I hope we get a big crowd of non-Iranians as well outside the Iranian Embassy tonight.

I wonder how many Guantanamo activists will care to show up.