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George’s eGo

“The people here simply won’t vote for [Labour] Jim Fitzpatrick. If I don’t stand here, the Tories will defeat him,”said George Galloway yesterday on the BBC’s Politics Show – explaining why he’s seeking another term as MP and moving  from Bethnal Green & Bow to Poplar and Canning. You can watch the segment starting at 32:50 here for the next few days.

The feline one also purred in another Politics Show segment that he was the most high profile parliamentary back-bencher “in all history”.

“Google it and see! Google my name and see!” he said to the incredulous interviewer.

He may be right. Most backbenchers who make an impression – like say Winston Churchill – go on to much greater things so their achievements from the back are moot. Galloway, if we are lucky, shan’t be so lucky and might have to be content with his fleeting but, um, ‘ high’ (he says) google search ranking.