Why Does Lib Dem PPC, Masroor, Admire Galloway?

Here is an odd little piece by Ajmal Masroor:

Let me declare my interest from the outset, I am not a great fan of Galloway, in fact I am standing as the Liberal Democrats’ parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow, where he is the current MP, and in the next general election I will be providing a direct challenge to his party, Respect.

Good on you Ajmal. It is important that democrats and liberals take on the likes of Galloway. But wait…

George Galloway, even your opponents would applaud you in your effort to help people of Gaza. We should all be doing the same. If fully functioning democracies in the world can do one thing to improve the world, it must be to end injustice

Help the people of Gaza?

Galloway trailed a rag tag bag of Muslim Brotherhood supporters, revolutionary socialists, and their various hangers on, through the Middle East. The exercise was transparently a PR stunt: primarily for Galloway himself, but also to promote Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. All you have to do is to look at Viva Palestina’s partners, and its true nature will become very clear.

I mean, wasn’t the welcome that Galloway received in Jordan a sufficient hint?

Speaker: Allah is our goal.
Crowds: Allah is our goal.
Speaker: The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.
Crowds: The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.
Speaker: The Koran is our constitution.
Crowds: The Koran is our constitution.
Speaker: Jihad is our path.
Crowds: Jihad is our path.
Speaker: Death for the sake of Allah is our most exalted desire.
Crowds: Death for the sake of Allah is our most exalted desire.

Why would a Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate support an initiative like that?

I mean, come on!


I can only assume that the connections between Viva Palestina and Hamas have escaped Masroor’s attention.

Which is odd, because Masroor is a presenter on the Islam Channel: a Muslim Brotherhood dominated organisation, whose CEO, Mohammed Ali Harrath is a convicted terrorist. So, you’d expect him to follow the news.

Masroor is also “spokesman” for  Harrow Central Mosque. Here is a screenshot from HCM’s “resources” page:


Well, Young Muslims Organisation UK and Islamic Forum Europe are front groups for the clerical fascist south Asian party, Jamaat-e-Islami. Islam Channel you know all about.

IslamOnline is the website of the Holocaust enthusiast and spiritual guide of Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf  al Qaradawi. It is filled with the most vicious of fatwas, including those promoting terrorism against civilians.

Islam Expo is another Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front. It was founded by Mohammed Sawalha, a fugitive Hamas commander who has also been named on IslamOnline as “manager of the political committee of the International Organization of the Brothers [i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood] in Britain”.

Indeed, as you can see from these pictures, Sawalha was closely involved in the Viva Palestina convoy.

I expect that Ajmal Masroor is completely ignorant of any connection between Viva Palestina and Hamas, and indeed of the links between the Mosque for which he acts as spokesman and these various Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front organisations.

If he isn’t, he needn’t worry. Back in 2005, the Liberal Democrats had to bin Masroor, after it turned out that he had been posting on the extremist MPACuk website.

Nowadays, I expect Nick Clegg is much more tolerant of this sort of thing.

habibi adds: another supporter of the convoy is former Malaysian leader and repulsive Jew hater Mahathir Mohamad. He welcomed the Malaysian contingent back home with another pearl of his wisdom:

Dr Mahathir also hoped that Malaysian newspapers would not depend on the western press as “it is owned by people related to Israelis.”

He noted that everyone knew that the Jews were killing Muslims and Christians in Gaza, and Christians in Palestine.