After 6 Months This Is All Press TV Could Come Up With

This is a cross post by Potkin

Six months after Neda’s callous murder, this is all Press TV could come up with to refute Neda’s murder at the hands of the Baseej. Pathetic beyond belief and deserves a complaint to the incompetent OFCOM.

You can make a complaint to OFCOM here.

The program is clearly not balanced (NB: see OFCOM Code on Due Impartiality). There is no opportunity for someone who opposes the Islamic Republic’s version of Neda’s murder, including Dr. Arash Hejazi who is accused in the program, to make a comment. The viewer is simply fed with the regime’s propaganda broadcast through Press TV.

Remember anyone can complain, even those outside UK.

Gene adds:
If you haven’t seen the excellent PBS Frontline documentary about Neda’s death, you can watch it here.