Anti Muslim Bigotry

BMSD: We’ll Defend Freedom in Harrow


It has become apparent since the 31 October demo any attempts to curtail the religious freedom and human rights of the citizens of this country will be met with stiff resistance by pro-democracy groups like ours. Whether such attempts are made by the likes of Anjem Choudary who daydreams of implementing his own version of sharia in this country, or the SIOE campaign which aims to restrict Muslims’ right to practice their religion, each campaign will be matched by enthusiastic democrats who have decided not to sit on the sidelines anymore and will come out to peacefully defend the fundamental rights of the people of Britain. However, at the same time, BMSD strongly advises all Muslims to exercise extreme caution and not to patronise any religious institutions, be they mosques or madrasas, which spread hatred or promote mental and physical segregation from mainstream society. Unfortunately there are a few such Muslim institutions whose activities and that of those affiliated to them have given ammunition to the groups including SIOE and the English Defence League.

We sincerely hope that on this occasion SIOE will call off its protest and respond in kind by opening a formal channel of communication with us and other like-minded pro-democracy groups in order to address the issue of religious extremism and the rise of the far right, both of which are threatening community cohesion in this country. If they persist in their endeavours, BMSD would have no choice but to counter SIOE’s protest with one of our own, one in favour of democratic rights and religious freedom.