Calling the Iranian Embassy

I have just called the Iranian Embassy  (020 7225 3000) to tell them that I support the Green Movement.

It took a while to get through.

Eventually, when a line became free, the phone was answered by a woman who spoke little English. I told her that I supported the Green Movement. She asked whether I wanted a visa. I explained that, no, I was calling in support of the struggle of the Iranian people for democracy and freedom.

She offered to put me through to somebody else.

I then spoke to a man who had a better command of English. I told him that I was supporting the Green Movement. He asked me which organisation I was from. I told him that I was just a British person who supported the right of Iranians to have their votes counted, and not to be treated as serfs.

He asked me “How do you know this? The BBC?”. I said that no, I read Iranian blogs and had Iranian friends, and they told me what was going on in their country.

He said “How can I help you”. I told him that it would be best if Iran were to have free elections and that Ahmedinejad should resign.

Why don’t you call the Iranian Embassy and tell them you support democracy in Iran. Let us know how you get on. The number is:

020 7225 3000

Demonstrators chant against Khamenei.