Freedom of Expression,  Islamism

An Own Goal?

One protester described Geert Wilders as an enemy of Islam [EPA]

How on earth do protesters complaining about a visit by anti-Islamic scaremongering Dutch MP, Geert Wilders think they’re countering his message by, according to the BBC,

chanting “Wilders go to hell” and waving placards saying “Sharia for the Netherlands” and “Islam will be superior”.

Other chants and placards said “the Muslims will be dominant” and “we want Sharia law”, as well as “free speech go to hell” and “freedom can go to hell”.

One would be forgiven for thinking Wilders paid this rent-a-crowd of nuts to stand there appearing to prove his point in front of assembled MPs, journalists and the world’s TV cameras? He may as well have!

It must be repeated though that these ‘Islam4UK’ types are not representative of the average British Muslim. They are the mirror image of the far-right. So their provocative act was not an own goal at all. They are not trying to improve relations between Muslims and wider society. They are not trying to address anti-Muslim bigotry. In fact, they’re trying to exacerbate it. They also see a “clash of civilisations” and are anxious for the war to begin. They are also fascists.