The IHRC Breaks Its Silence on Iran

Amazing news from the Islamic Human Rights Commission. A full one month after the Iranian elections, and the protests which followed them, they have produced a press release:

PRESS RELEASE: Iran – IHRC calls for a full inquiry into handling of protesters

The Islamic Human Rights Commission sends its condolences to the victims of the violence during the unrest that followed the recent Iranian elections. 20 people have been confirmed dead including 8 Basijis. There have also been hundreds of protesters detained. IHRC welcomes the release of the majority of the protesters but calls on the Iranian authorities to observe due process in relation to the remainder to the detainees.

IHRC acknowledges that the protests were mostly peaceful but also contained violent fringe elements including organised groups committed to violence and instability in the region.

IHRC is concerned with the allegation of external forces in the promotion of violence and feel that such involvement is counter-productive and damaging to civil society in Iran.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“IHRC calls for a full inquiry into the policing of protesters and the handling of those detained”.

Khomeinist stooges.