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The Only Celeb To Have Taken A Stand On Iran

It isn’t much, I grant you:

LBC presenter, Nick Ferrari, who also presented programs on Press TV, was confronted with angry listeners who were critical of him working for the Islamic Republic funded Press TV. Nick however claimed he had already resigned from Press TV two weeks ago following the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters and any program which still shows him is pre-recorded.

There is something ever so slightly pathetic about the slight of media personalities lending their support to the fashionable cause du jour.

I have huge admiration for Brad Pitt, who appeared in the film 7 Years in Tibet. He was asked by a journalist for his take on the supression of the Tibetan people by the PRC. His answer was a peculiarly admirable one. He told the journalist that, yes, he had strong views on the subject – but wondered why she had any interest in what they were. Brad Pitt pointed out that he was an actor who had played a part in a film, and that neither this fact, nor his celebrity, rendered his views interesting or noteworthy.

But Nick Ferrari is a different case. He worked for the propaganda outlet of a government which is repressing and murdering its own citizens for the sin of expressing a preference for democracy over theocracy.

Now he has stopped: and that deserves recognition.