“Dirty Zionists and the bad British radio”

The Guardian is running a live-ish translation of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s address.

There is a large element of “my sister is deaf please lend me a hatchet” to the translation, but you get the gist of it.

I’d say Khamenei is sounding pretty nervous:

“We have not had such participation (85%) since the revolution. The young generation especially showed their worry and their political obligations. There are differences between the people, some prefer different candidates. This is natural. This election was a big celebration of the revolution. That many people showing love and loyalty. This election was a religious democratic event. It showed dictatorial countries that this is a religious democratic country.

“The election showed that people with belief, hopes and joys are living in this country. Our enemies are using it. If the young did not feel free they would not have participated in the election. This trust is the biggest asset of the Islamic Republic.

“There were claims of fraud before the election. Don’t listen to those allegations.”

“The competition for the election was very clear. Enemies and dirty Zionists tried to show the election as a contest between the regime and against it. That is not true, all four candidates support the regime.” (He lists the government positions of the opposition candidates). All of the candidates are part of this system and regime. Zionists and the bad British radio said it was a challenge to the regime.”

“The issue is inside the system. The dispute is not against the revolution. The dispute was among candidates and there was a positive and negative effect. People were able to judge, they felt part of the system. All views were available to the people.

Yeah, but all views were NOT available to the people. The Council of Guardians disqualified all but four of the 475 camdidates.

Who knows whether the regime will crush its people again, as it has so many times before.

But, if these elections really were a “big celebration” of the Islamic Revolution, then why did they have to shoot this young man in the throat?

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God, he’s cacking it!

“Some diplomats from the west are showing their real face and that they are enemies. The worst are the British.”

But of course!


Oh dear oh dear:

The street is the place of living and trading. Why are you taking to the streets. We have had the election. Street demonstrations are a target for terrorist plots. Who would be responsible if something happened?


Rioting after the election is not a good way. It questions the election. If they continue [the consequences] will be their responsibility.”

“If they continue they will be receiving other consequences, behind the scenes.

Translation: We will murder you, and your families.