Hamas Coup in … Minneapolis

Take ten minutes out to watch this remarkable video, and you’ll be left in no doubt that fascism runs deep in the political veins of Hamas supporters, all over the world.

The context of the video is a pro-Palestine rally in Minneapolis: a city I was proud to call my home for a while.

It doesn’t take long before the Hamas leaders start to fight with the pro-Fatah speaker – who is calling for order and civility – wrestling the microphone away from him as he attempts to call for order.

Keith Ellison, a Democrat and a Muslim starts to make a moderate and sensible speech. But the Hamas fascists will have none of it. They heckle him. They boo him. They incite others to disrupt the speech. They try to storm the platform. They accuse Ellison of being controlled by unspecified “masters”: an offensive and racist slur as Ellison is black. It goes without saying that the assumed “masters” are perfidious Jews.

Keith Ellison can’t get a word out. He eventually abandons the attempt to complete his address.

This is Hamas in action.