Anti Muslim Bigotry,  antisemitism

Jews and Taqiyya

What do you do, if you are an anti-Muslim bigot, and certain Muslims don’t conform to your prejudices, leaving you with no convincing explanation for your opposition to them?

One answer is to resort to Catch-22: “taqiyya” (dissimulation). He’s a Muslim! He’s lying for Allah!

That’s more or less the Caryl Churchill tactic:

“We should be able to disagree without accusations of antisemitism, which lead to a pantomime of ‘Oh yes you are’, ‘Oh no I’m not’, to distract attention from Israel.”

This is disgusting. If you think Caryl Churchill’s play is antisemitic and you say so, not only are you wrong, you are craftily promoting Israel’s interests. Catch-23.

A bit like some of the threads here.

British bigotry: it stinks.