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Standing Up For Hatred

According to this “Green Left” blog, Daud Abdullah, the deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, will be one of the speakers at this weekend’s national conference of the “Stop the War Coalition”.

The Green Left blog post reduces Mr Abdullah’s present predicament to this:

currently under attack from the government for his statements in support of the Palestinians

Yes, backing jihad and the rank religious hatred of the Istanbul declaration amounts to nothing more than “support of the Palestinians”.

The self-delusion at work here is mindboggling.

Perhaps Mr Abdullah could find some time during the conference to give a lesson about Jews to a fellow speaker, Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour MP for Islington North.

You will remember that Mr Corbyn can become indignant about accusations of antisemitism. As he said recently at the “Meet the Resistance” event at Friends House London:

All our marches have involved very substantial Jewish contingents and they always will, because our argument, and I refuse to be dragged into this stuff that somehow or other because we’re pro-Palestinian, we’re antisemitic. It’s a nonsense.

Now Mr Corbyn appears to be a very slow learner, as he said that while sharing a platform with repugnant Belgian extremist Abou Jahjah and Hussein El-Hajj Hassan of Hezbollah, a band of Jew murderers.

So perhaps Mr Abdullah could start with a simple lesson, such as this nice little story he told at the Regent’s Park Mosque in 2002:

Dear brothers and sisters, when I see gatherings like these, numbers of Muslims coming together on occasions like these, it reminds me of events which took place in Medina just around the advent of our prophet.

You know, in Medina, there were people of the book – Christians and Jews. The Jewish tribes in Medina, they used to say to the Muslims, that there will come a prophet, a prophet will be raised in the Arab peninsula, and we, the Jewish tribes, we will join with this prophet to fight against you Arab tribes.

So these Arab tribes, Avs and Hazrach, who constituted the majority, they met the prophet at the outskirts of Medina, around the eleventh year of the hijrah (migration to Medina), and then he told them that he was the messenger of Allah. So the Avs and Hazrach, they knew that this was the individual that the Jewish tribes were speaking about. So rather than wait until the Jewish tribes joined with the messenger and fight against them, they took the initiative and became Muslims before the Jews could do so.

Now what I am trying to say here is that the animosity, the hostility that was meted out against the Arab tribes in Medina by the Jews unintentionally made the Arab tribes move closer and more readily to Islam.

And that is exactly what is happening today. The more they persecute the Muslims, in Palestine, in Chechnya, in Afghanistan, in Gujarat, in Eritrea, in Sudan, wherever Muslims have been persecuted, this pressure upon Muslims is drawing the ummah closer together.

I can give you another example. You see, in Medina, what happened, there was this Jewish king called al Fityun. Every Arab tribe from Avs and Hazrach who married, this king, he had to deflower the bride as a matter of custom. The Arab had to bring his bride, on the night of the wedding, to this Jewish king al Fityun. This was the kind of viciousness, of bestiality, that was meted out to the people at the time. So when [the prophet] came with this message of deliverance, with this message of guidance, you see, they welcomed him. I’m saying, again, that it was the hostility, the aggression, the wrongdoing, which forced these people, drove them towards Islam. And this is exactly what we have seen here in the world today.

Antisemitic? Nah, only a ZioNazi would make that claim.