Extremist Becomes Chair of the Muslim Safety Forum

Well, the new “Interim Chair” of the Muslim Safety Forum is Abdurahman Jafar.

This is what the Muslim Safety Forum does:

The MSF is the key advisory body for the Police Service and has signed a working protocol with the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police & ACPO to build better police / community relations. It has been advising the police on matters of safety and security from the Muslim perspective for over five years now. It meets on a monthly basis with senior representatives of ACPO and the MPS, the MPA, Home Office, CPS and the IPCC amongst others.

Here is the Muslim Safety forum defending their colleague, the suspended political extremist and cheerleader for  jihad, Azad Ali:

“I have been inundated with calls from members and the wider public expressing disappointment and alarm by the serious distortion of Azad Ali’s character. In these difficult times inflammatory headlines such as these are counter productive and damage community cohesion.”

Abdurahman Jafar‘s published views include the following:

Sikh’s, despite the noble teachings of their religion, have adopted a custom to never cut their hair until the last Musim on earth is dead (is that right?). These will be very very difficult attitudes to change.

But it isn’t just Sikhs who Jafar peddles racist lies about. In the Muslim Weekly, he rails against Tony Blair and the Labour Party’s “deceit” about:

“how Israel has been formulating and directing UK and US foreign policy”

Jafar abused his position to advertise a phony debate, under the auspices of Redbridge Council PVE, on the motion  “The Iraq War Was Good For Britain”. Mike Gapes MP was said to be one of the speakers; George Galloway MP the other. However, Gapes was never invited. 

Jafar claims that this was an honest mistake. However, I believe that he is lying. The motion Jafar publicised had nothing to do with preventing extremism. It had everything to do with pushing the agenda of RESPECT. 

In fact, Jafar played precisely the same trick on Ed Husain, a few months earlier, by advertising a debate entitled “Gaza – Not Our Problem”. 

And now Jafar – at least I assume it is him – has become Interim Chair of the MSF:

Dear Colleagues and stakehlders of MSF,

I am writing to update you on structural changes on the MSF Board of Trustees over the recent weeks.

I have stepped down from the position of MSF Chair at the end of March 2009.

Having been involved in MSF for the last few years and especially over the last two years as Chair I have appreciated the support you have provided to MSF.

I have met some very dedicated and genuinely sincere individuals (the list is too long) in MPS, ACPO, BTP, MPA, IPCC, GLA, CLG, and the Home Office and other partner organisations. This has been useful in cultivating a platform for positive engagement with the Muslim communities. I sincerely thank you for this.

I am sure you will continue to support MSF and the new Interim-Chair Abdur-Rahman Jafr.

I hope our collective work continues to foster a climate of understanding, trust and mutual respect for all in Britain.

Kind regards,

Mujib Miah

(Member of MSF)

Amazing, innit.