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Friends’ Meeting House: Always Happy to Host Jihadists

I wrote, last week, about the shocking and disgraceful betrayal of Quaker principles, by those at the Friends’ Meeting House who allowed their premises to be used for a pro-Hezbollah rally. Some readers argued, in response, that this was a one off, out of character aberration. 

It wasn’t. 

The Friends’ Meeting House has a long history, stretching back at least a decade, of providing its facilities to the most extreme of jihadist groups. 

Watch this snippet from an old Dispatches from 1999, and you’ll see Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Mohammed, preaching violent jihad at full throttle, in the Friends’ Meeting House.

“Oh, but that was 10 years ago”, I hear you cry. “Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Mohammed’s plans for anti-aircraft aerial mines must have seemed harmless and far fetched, pre-9/11 and pre-7/7. Who could have known that the followers of hate preachers would take their calls to experiment and innovate seriously, and build their own bombs…”

The thing is, the Friends’ Meeting House is still hosting Al Muhajiroun.

And Hamas and Hezbollah.

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