White rastas and women wearing keffiyeh scarves occupied New York University, in the hope that they might achieve the following:

  • Amnesty for all parties involved.
  • Full compensation for all employees whose jobs were disrupted during the course of the occupation.
  • Public release of NYU’s annual budget and endowment.
  • Allow student workers (including T.A.’s) to collectively bargain.
  • A fair labor contract for all NYU employees at home and abroad.
  • A Socially Responsible Finance Committee that will immediately investigate war profiteers and the lifting of the Coke ban.
  • Annual scholarships be provided for thirteen Palestinian students.
  • That the university donates all excess supplies and materials in an effort to rebuild the University of Gaza.
  • Tuition stabilization for all students, beginning with the class of 2012. Tuition rates for each successive year will not exceed the rate of inflation. The university shall meet 100% of government-calculated student financial need.
  • That student groups have priority when reserving space in the buildings owned or leased by New York University, including, and especially, the Kimmel Center.
  • That the general public have access to Bobst Library.

They failed.

I don’t think I will ever tire of watching this video.


Its time to face what you most fear.

Hat tip: David Thompson